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Baggage Shipment

Due to limited space on busses and frequent difficulties with checked baggage at airports, campers arriving by bus or air should ship their baggage. Small carry-on bags that fit underneath the seat may be brought on the bus or plane.

The Camp Trucking Company has been Greylock’s authorized baggage carrier for over a decade. They offer baggage pick-up and delivery services service from anywhere in the United States. If you live outside of the United States, we will make individual arrangements for your son’s luggage.

Call (970) 949-0690 to set up your son’s baggage pick-up.

Camp Pharmacy

Lenox Village Integrative Pharmacy provides Greylock families with medication management services. Lenox Village fills orders for prescriptions and over-the-counter products – including vitamins, supplements, probiotics – so that medication is safely dispensed in full compliance with state and federal laws.

Participation in the service is mandatory for all campers who take prescription or OTC medication, vitamins, or supplements on a daily or regular basis.

Lenox Village Integrative Pharmacy delivers medications in personalized packaging clearly labeled with the day and time of administration. This method of dispensing medications helps minimize errors and ensures that campers receive the correct medication and dosage at the correct time.

Please call Lenox Village Integrative Pharmacy at (413) 637-4700 with any questions about their services.

There are a few exceptions to medications that are not handled by the service. Examples include: epi-pens, injectables, and inhalers. Enrolled families will receive instructions for the specific handling of these items.


Greylock offers families the opportunity to purchase camp tuition insurance through Travmark. Travmark has developed one of the first plans in the country for families to insure camp tuition. Similar to travel insurance, the Travmark Summer Camp Protection Plan includes coverage for illness, incapacity, cancellation, job termination, job transfer, medical expenses, emergency evacuation, and baggage/personal effects at very competitive rates.

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