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Camp Greylock Reviews

There hasn’t been a day post-camp that I haven’t thought about being on the shores of Center Lake having the absolute time of my life. Greylock is so special.

Greylock camper

Michael and I would just like to thank you again for the wonderful summer my boys had. Both once again came home and said ‘it was the best summer ever!!’ It is amazing how for days they can both talk about camp stuff with us and each other.

Greylock parent

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My son had best summer ever. I thank you beyond words.

Greylock parent

Zach just finished his first soccer game post-camp soccer game. When the coach asked why he has improved he said —Greylock!!! He loved his first summer more than we had even hoped. Thank you.

Greylock parent

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A few days ago as I was driving Ben to a soccer game, he started singing his favorite camp songs in the back seat. As you know, Ben is not a big performer! I couldn’t help but smile thinking about how lucky Ben is to spend his summers in such a wonderful environment.

Ben told me that his second summer was even better than the first – if that’s possible.

He said it was a 10 out of 10. Ben loved his counselors and was beyond thrilled to have so many of his friends in his bunk. He even tried a new sport — lacrosse, and enjoyed playing.

Greylock parent

I just wanted to say a very big thank you to each of you and the entire Greylock staff. Michael had a tremendous summer, probably his single most memorable seven weeks. He loved the brotherhood, spirit and sports instruction that he experienced at camp. The brotherhood extended far beyond his bunk mates and he made so many meaningful connections with counselors and upper classmen. He grew as a leader, a friend and an athlete. He treasured his time at camp and looks forward to many more fantastic summers at Greylock. So, thank you again. We have 15 Greylock boys coming to his bar mitzvah!

Greylock parent

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I wanted to thank all of you for the glorious summer Max had at Greylock. We were amazed when our child bounded off the bus with a smile, a thank you, and blurted out “I can’t wait to go back next year!” Our mostly-reserved child even told us how he did the worm at the laundry line. This represents the proverbial home run, the “out of the park” life experience we hoped our child would experience. We cannot thank you enough for the patience you showed, the experienced staff you hired, and the overall program Max experienced while at Camp Greylock. The staff made our son’s stay a success. Max’s bunk counselors were wonderful. Undoubtedly there were others we don’t know about, but all made our son’s experience a terrific one.

Greylock parent

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I wanted to write to you to let you know what a joy it was dealing with you and your group. I wanted to convey that your group was so well behaved that guests of the hotel felt compelled to advise us on how well behaved they were. They were extremely courteous and polite.

Hotel manager

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While the boys have always grown developmentally during their summers away at Greylock, this summer stands above the others on many levels, but most notably in terms of maturation and self-discipline.

The experience the boys had during Red & Grey gave them each a unique opportunity to step up and lead independently, to push themselves mentally and physically to their limits, to feel the intensity and passion of wanting something so intensely, and also, and importantly, to learn how to lose with grace when you care so much about something. Beyond the days of Red & Grey, the relationships they developed with counselors, coaches, and peers were rich with learning opportunities and the daily experiences they had on courts, fields, in shows, off campus, etc were formative along their path from boys to men. We are grateful that the boys have a “home” in Greylock and believe that their summers have been a gift to them that will play an important role in successfully carrying them through their lives. THANK YOU IN SO MANY WAYS FOR DOING WHAT YOU DO!

Greylock parent

Michael had an amazing summer this past year. Thank you for providing him with such a supportive environment. He really thrives at camp. He wants you to consider opening a school!

Greylock parent

After seeing Max on visiting day and spending the day with him, I was instilled with pride regarding his maturity and independence. Now that the experience has washed over me, I find I am struck by the overall sense of camaraderie these boys have with each other . . . I am thrilled that my son will start to develop these unique relationships with his fellow campers, counselors and instructors. Thank you for providing a clean cut and well run establishment for my son to grow in the years to come.

Greylock parent

How can we ever thank you enough for all the time and special attention you have given Charlie and us? What an incredible achievement this has been for him.

Greylock parent

I want to thank you for providing Harris with the most wonderful summer of his young life.

I have always felt an overnight camp experience is something very special. Harris enjoyed every, and I mean every, minute of his first Greylock summer. He grew emotionally and has begun taking more responsibility for himself, is more aware of others around him and in general has achieved a level of maturity that is obvious to everyone who knows him . . . Greylock provided him with a nurturing experience that has made him feel terrific.

Greylock Grandparent

I can’t thank you enough for the sensitive, empathetic way you handled my son . . . I believe that you all are making a huge difference in my boy’s life and I am very grateful. You guys are the best.

Greylock parent

The respect, values and ethics that are learned at camp parallel our family’s morality. There is so much more offered at camp than specific sports programs that our boys have learned and cherished with such pride. They were taught discipline and responsibility.

Greylock parent

Nate has had a simply spectacular experience – from how the boys treat one another, to the focus on skill building, (including the tremendous growth I’ve seen in my own son in certain sports as well as in his leadership), to the tremendous camp spirit, the sensitive and supportive way Mike handled a death in the family, to the incredible counselors. Nate simply could not have been happier and he absolutely adores camp. I can say it to you, because you will get it, he’s now a “camper” through and through. How exciting is that?

Greylock parent

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This weekend the four of us went on a trip to upstate New York. Saturday was Cooperstown for the Hall of Fame and Sunday was fishing on Lake Ostego. Both unbelievably memorable for different reasons, but a special observation happened on Saturday night driving to the hotel from the movie theater in Oneonta. We had just seen, When the Game Stands Tall. On the 25 minute ride back to Cooperstown, the boys talked all about the lessons they had learned from the movie. Once again, demonstrating growth and maturity. Thank you for helping our boys grow up in to young men.

Greylock parent

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