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The primary focus at Greylock is your son’s physical and mental health. We take the care of your sons very seriously and employ a superior medical staff to maintain good health, hygiene, and care for our campers.

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The Greylock Health Center includes a director of health services, a physician, a head nurse who is a nurse practioner, registered nurses, assistant nurses, athletic trainers, and medical aides. The health center is manned twenty-four hours a day.

Meet Our Health Center Staff

In the case of emergencies, Berkshire Medical Center is 15 miles from campus and is a certified trauma center. In the event of more a complicated situation, we are 35 miles away from a level one trauma center. In the event of an emergency, the town of Becket has an excellent, full-time ambulance service headquartered near the campus. Greylock also has on going relationships with the premier private orthopedists, dentists, orthodontists, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists in the area as well as comprehensive rehabilitation therapists.

The health center is recently remodeled and has a beautiful pine-paneled reception area, private examination areas, overnight accommodations for over a dozen boys. Each room is equipped with a television to help the hours pass by more pleasantly. The Health Center also has its own kitchen. We use an EMR reporting system to keep track of the details of the care of your son.

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