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About Greylock

The best thing we can say about Greylock is that our kids love it – the boys love the friendships, the counselors, the teaching, the supportive atmosphere, how they feel good about themselves, the structure, and the chance to play sports competitively at the right times and under the right circumstances.

Is Greylock a very competitive camp?

Greylock is an instructional camp, where the emphasis is on the boys making progress and feeling good about themselves, different from competitive leagues where there are standings, batting averages, tennis ladders and the like. Our emphasis is on good self-esteem that develops from improving in life skills and activities.

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Greylock has a well-rounded program run by a team of qualified professionals.

  • Boys enjoy a varied aquatics program of swimming, boating, sailing, waterskiing, kneeboarding, and wakeboarding.
  • Our adventure program is extensive and includes dozens of hikes (on and off our campus), almost two miles of mountain biking trails, a new extensive challenge course that has two climbing walls, a multi-tiered ropes course, a zip line, and trust jumps, and an amazing archery program.
  • The Art Department is one of our most popular programs, housed in a new half million dollar facility, and includes options in woodworking, ceramics, lanyard, painting, mosaics, and other fields.
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They Greylock waterfront is busy with activity throughout the day. Boys love being out in the water!

Top Quality Instruction

Activities at Greylock are run by a great professional staff. These staff members are hired because of their ability to teach. Boys succeed at Greylock because of the warm, supportive, fun environment and excellent coaching. Each class includes an instructional components and ends with a low-key, no stress game. In those games, scores are often not kept because the emphasis is on improvement, fun, and spirit.

The lessons of sportsmanship and team work are always at the heart of our message to the campers. We award kids for effort and citizenship, not for skill.

Greylock is in an area with many other camps who play us in fun, exciting tournament and intercamps. These competitions include all of the sports we have at Greylock, from baseball and soccer to tennis and swimming, from archery and flag football to sailing and chess.

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Boys Make Friends Here

Greylock is a place to foster friendships. We excel at helping boys make friends with one another and develop the bonds that can lead to lifelong relationships. This bonding is the emphasis at camp and that allows us to have success with all types of boys. Last summer over sixty boys were Seniors at Greylock, and the friendships are the reason that boys stay through our program until the end and often become counselors. One-third of our staff are returning campers and more than half of our counselors are returning from previous summers.

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Boys enjoy hiking in the Berkshire Mountains near Becket, Massachusetts

Greylock is a camp with an extraordinarily well structured program designed to help boys of all different interests grow and develop. We encourage you to contact us and we will put you in touch with families from your area that can share their son’s experience.

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