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Food & Dining

When a boy is at camp, mealtime is much more than simply having something to eat. It is an exciting social event, a time to relax, an opportunity to deepen friendships, and of course a time to be fulfilled and nourished. We serve our meals in a beautiful and spacious dining hall, built right in the center of our campus. Junior and Senior sides eat at separate times to avoid crowds. Food is served cafeteria style with a server for each dish at two separate stations. The dining hall has an intricate system of ceiling fans that keeps the room cooled and there is no bleed over of heat or smell from the kitchen area. Campers eat at round tables and are supervised by staff at every meal, who strongly encourage good table manners and an expansion of their culinary repertoire.

Because we realize this is such an important time and that nutrition is so important to the boy’s health and happiness, we go the extra step to contract with the world’s premier food service provider, Sodexo, who cook and manage at over 30,000 sites across the globe, specialize in food service at corporations, universities and schools, as well as restaurants and catering.

We know that any food can be harmful if prepared or purchased incorrectly. People often focus only on children with food allergies; however, this is only part of the possible dangers that can exist when providing food. Sodexo staffers are rigorously trained in the handling, preparation, and serving of food. This professionalism allows us to help campers who are picky eaters or have food allergies.

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Special Diets

For those with special diets – whether they be vegetarians, have allergy concerns, or special dietary demands, we have a specific chef to work with a menu plan. Our dining hall does not serve anything with nuts and we have not done so for more than ten summers. Greylock is equipped and prepared to help campers who have special dietary needs. We have a separate cooking and preparation area in the kitchen for these campers, as well as a different serving station for them, to help insure the best possible nutritional safety for those with culinary challenges. The Sodexo team includes a dining room manager, a registered dietitian, chefs, su-chefs, salad makers, and bakers.

Ice water is on each table for all meals, and there are numerous milk, juice, and drink machines throughout the dining hall. Our dining hall is always open so that campers can stop in between meals and get a piece of fruit for a snack or a drink. Greylock has an additional organized snack each night for boys just before bed time.

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Greylock has outdoor Bar-B-Ques twice every week, with options such as hamburgers, hot dogs, beef ribs, sliced steak, and chicken, as well as pasta salad, our world famous corn bread, corn on the cob, and ice cream.

Vegetarian and Kosher options are also available for the boys. Sisters and cousins from our sister camps join us at these meals once a week.

References are always available from our group of families whose sons have special dietary needs. Please contact us if your son has a particular dietary concern and we would be happy to speak to you to see if it can be accommodated. At present we have boys who are allergic to nuts, eggs, gluten, milk, fruit, and fish, to name a few.

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