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Owners & Directors

Camp Greylock is privately owned by Michael Marcus and Lukas Horn, who purchased the camp in 1994.

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Diane, Avery, & Michael

Michael Marcus

Director Michael Marcus has been working at Greylock since 1982. He served as a counselor and department head before joining the directorate. Michael lives in New York City, and is married to Diane, the owner-director of Camp Belvoir Terrace in Lenox. They are proud parents of Avery, a current camper at Belvoir.

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Lukas Horn

Director Lukas Horn has been working at Greylock since 1980. He was a camper, counselor, department head of the waterfront, and head counselor before joining the directorate. His father, a Greylocker from 1948 through 1953, introduced Lukas to Greylock. Lukas lives in New York City.

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Jim Mason

Associate Director and Director of Athletics Jim Mason has been coming to Greylock since 1975. He was a camper, counselor, department head, and group head at Greylock before joining the Directorate. Jim’s grandfather and his two brothers, George, Lou, and “Doc” Mason, are the founders of Greylock and ran the camp from 1916 through 1948.

Jim coached fifteen seasons of college baseball, including stints at the University of Rhode Island and the George Washington University.

Each member of the directorate has been at camp for more than twenty-five years, lives on campus during the season, and works only at Greylock during the summer and winter.

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