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Hiking & Overnights

Greylock has 300 acres of land on our campus in the hill town of Becket, Massachusetts. While many of those acres are filled with buildings, bunks, and sports facilities, other acres have an abundance of virgin forests and hiking trails. Boys can go on hikes up to 6 miles on our campus. Each summer, every boy at camp is given the opportunity to participate in day hikes, overnights, and more challenging off-campus hiking trips. Our on-campus facility has three outpost sites where groups go to camp out each night.

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Off-campus trips include options of going to Mount Greylock, Mount Washington, October Mountain, the White Mountains, peaks in the Adirondacks, and other conveniently located local destinations. Staffers in this area receive special training to supervise these hikes and all hikes are managed by a qualified supervisor.

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